Model VF

Model VF vibratory feeders, available in three basic sizes, are used as a means of high speed parts orientation and supply to automated assembly systems.

Parts are supplied into the return pan section of the vibratory feeder from bulk or a from a bulk feeder or hopper. From the return pan, parts travel onto the orientation tooling, ('rail'), which accepts only properly positioned parts. Unaccepted parts are returned to the return pan to be recycled.

The rail also then becomes the magazine for the accepted parts that are normally escaped in some fashion at the rail terminus. The integration of the orientation features with the linear rail magazine eliminates the need for an additional linear vibratory rail magazine often required with bowl type feeders. Elimination the 'gap' needed between two independent vibrating systems makes our feeder well suited for small delicate parts. The straight-line concept also facilitates close tolerance machining of the rail's long life tool steel construction.

The feeders require 120VAC, 5A, 60Hz nominal for operation and includes an fused electrical control enclosure with coil disconnect, illuminated power switch, low current external ON/OFF control input. A potentiometer in the control circuitry allows feed rate adjustment. (Constant amplitude control is under development.) Feeders are available with either 60 or 120 Hz tuning as subject to application.


The basic sizing table below is indicative of three general sizes. The associated dimensions are not limited to the values shown but rather are indicative of three configurations that we use the most often. Specific customer applications ultimately dictate actual geometry.

We offer total design, tooling, and manufacturing services for our vibratory feeders.

-Feed and return pans: Cast Aluminum or Stainless Steel
-Orientating rails: Tool Steel
-Springs: Resin Fiberglass Composite or Spring Steel

Finish: Painted per customer specification

Also Available: Custom Bulk Hoppers and Linear Magazine Rails

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