Pictures of machinery, products and our facility
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Twelve Station In-Line Chassis ILC-UL
Low View of ILC-UL

A machine that utilizes our 12 Station ILC-UL Chassis

This is the end of a special feeder designed for very small parts. 
Here, one is feeding pieces of wire .012 in diameter to a custom designed 
pick and place. The pick and place jaw has just picked up the wire from 
the end of the feeder. (Incidently, that is a FESTO air cylinder #13009)
An unusual 7 track feeder for a special application 


Cam Animation

CNC Dept.

Donna testing a 
filling machine

36x48 MBHP Chassis 
With Dial & Indexer

Early Construction 
of an 18 Station 
In-Line Chassis
VF-3 Vibratory Feeder Video
(Intel Indeo Codec, 1.3 meg) 

Selected Pictures of Project(s) in Progress



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