R. D. Dane Corp. Everett, Massachusetts


Working at R. D. Dane Corp.

We firmly believe that our most important ingredients for success are people who truly enjoy their work. Being a small company, most employees quickly discover that most of us have to do a wide variety of tasks that often include things unforeseen on a job description. Self motivated individuals will benefit from and appreciate an environment of variety and high visibility.

If you have much experience working, you have likely already discovered that higher pay does not always compensate for a boring job. To be completely honest, large companies can offer pay scales we often cannot match. However, we are proud to be able to give our full time employees equal and sometimes better benefits that begin after a 3 month trial period. This includes 100% paid HMO insurance for you and your family. It includes earning vacation time immediately based upon hours worked, (for full time employees with less than 5 years service - approximately 10 days per year). It includes 100% paid short term disability and life insurance. Also, depending upon the job position and circumstance, we will try to be flexible about your work schedule.

Currently Available Positions

We are sorry to report that there are no positions currently open. Please be sure to check here again in the future.  Thank you for your interest.

R. D. Dane is an equal opportunity employer.

If you know of someone who might have an interest, please pass this information to them. Thank you.

This page updated on October 16, 2001.